9 years???Dedicated to this project for 9 YEARS!!!!

I can’t even get people to commit to a strategy for 9 days!

I am already getting off topic lol

No more than hours ago Nasa released the first ever “close up” photos of the… “planet” Pluto. Or gigantic star?

Do you remember a while back when Pluto got kicked out of the planet club?

(insert sad pluto moment)

Now, with a mission that started 9 years ago sending the New Horizons probe into space.

The video I watched on tuesday said they were so nervous about the last few days. Coming close to Pluto’s atmosphere scared them because they is a ton of floating debris and rocks. They said if the probe came into contact with a rock even the size of a grain of sand it could alter New Horizons trajectory completely, or even destroy it!

How would you like that..

9 years of money, research, time and effort, ruined by a grain of sand within the last 24 hours of completion?

Would you be devastated? Would the entire mission be a failure?

Do you think they would give up and never try again?

Of course not. They would make new one. Better. Stronger. Take the information they DID gather and probably get there in 4 years the next time.

That is what happens with dedication and getting over the fear of the unknown.

They had to go BILLIONS of miles where changing the degree of flight one micromilimeter could send the thing millions of miles off target.


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ps. I ask you not to judge too quickly. You may think you have “heard this stuff before”. That you know a guy who knows a guy who tried this and it won’t happen as easily for you.  And I just want to remind you how Pluto went from planet, to a star, to a planet, to just a big ball of gas, to a spot on a dirty telescope, back to a planet again.
No assumptions until you see it with your own eyes 🙂

pps. below is some of the images of Pluto throughout the years.

Simply amazing


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