1. Rutger says:

    So straightforward, I am noticing some subconscious beliefs coming up that I need to tackle, fantastic!

  2. cbaulch24@gmail.com says:

    I believe Coach…I believe!

  3. lukeagustin@gmail.com says:

    Great stuff

  4. martin malik says:

    you didnt mention, how to setup “buyer payed in cash”. i think this was important?

    • coachcomeback says:

      Hi Martin. Unfortunately I don’t really understand the question. My apologies. If you can clarify please I will gladly do my best to answer

      • Travis Morgan says:

        I think he means you didn’t show how to filter results in ListSource.com to find all cash buyers… Unless you did and I missed it 🙂

        • coachcomeback says:

          Oh Gotcha. Thank you Travis. Yes, one way to do that is select “absentee owned” then go to property details and select the amount of equity and you can set it to 100%. Although, for me, I still see a hard money loan as a cash buyer but this search would still see it as a loan. So I would do 50%+ purchased in the last 3-6 months. If they purchased that soon and already have that much equity… they are a good candidate to be a cash buyer. Hope that makes sense

  5. Rutger says:

    Beliefs TACKLED! Whatever else comes up will be dealt with, talk soon 🙂

  6. Stefan Lenassi says:

    Done! Is there a way that I can get a hold of those two contracts that you speak of? Buyer and Seller? Thanks in advance! This is GREAT!

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