1. Sisi Holland says:

    wonderful 🙂

  2. globalbrandnames@aol.com says:

    Holy cow- this is the coolset info ever! I have a billion questions. But I’ll be patient and wait for things to unfold. =)

  3. Rutger says:

    Ok I am in, judging by the workshop…now to follow the case study and do it myself. 🙂 Tonne of questions, will get back to you mate!

  4. Randy Sutton says:

    Coach I am loving this. Already have a ton of questions regarding getting access to the contracts, postcards for both homeowners with property that has equity in them as well as postcards for cash buying investors. How can I get this information or a sample of what you are using so I can structure mine in a like or similar fashion?

    Thanks for the awesome way you are teaching this and for the incredible amount of wisdom and knowledge you are sharing with us. I am highly grateful!

    • coachcomeback says:

      Glad to do it Randy. I really do enjoy this stuff so this is fun for me. I show both the buyer and seller postcards in later lessons. Stay tuned

  5. cbaulch24@gmail.com says:

    This process sounds amazing my friend, I can’t wait to get rolling! Thank you.

  6. nick.pappas5424@gmail.com says:

    this is incredible. so glad i am a part of this!

  7. lukeagustin@gmail.com says:


  8. griffintoni@yahoo.com says:

    Hi Coach,

    You said in a post above that you show both the buyer and the seller postcards in later lessons. I am only on day 9 but that is my preferred method. Can you tell me what day that comes on? I’ve chosen my area but that is what I’m waiting on. Thanks!

  9. Emmanuel Lescouflair says:

    Hello Coach.

    Your course is awsome. I was wondering if you could please provide me with the Wholeselling contracts so that I can start this process. Also a picture of the post card that you mail out.

    I would really appreciate it,

  10. Rutger says:

    Going into last video now, going full steam ahead tomorrow, see you Stateside soon 🙂

  11. Dana Sievers says:

    I went through all modules. Had some useful information, although most of if was info I have heard before. The difference with you is that, you present it in a way that seems very doable. But I was disappoint to come to the end of it just to be sold on yet another program.

    • coachcomeback says:

      HI Dana. That is great that you are already experienced and knew this. Most of the people who have signed up for this course have never heard of this strategy or knew it was possible so they learned enough to go out and start doing it and opened their eyes to what is possible just from this training. The process is simple and if you already have experience then you likely don’t need coaching or hand-holding. So you won’t need the other program. You can start doing this today. Everything you need you likely already have. You can do this. Hope this helped you on your journey

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