I Think I Have A Drinking Problem – Pics Included – This Stuff Really Works

I Think I Have A Drinking Problem – Pics Included

These crazy neighbors are driving me to the “sauce”Ok, actually I had this problem waaaaay before we moved to South Lake Tahoe.

In yesterday’s email I promised I would give you a taste of what I go through every day in this new office and I have done that..

More on that in a minute..

About this drinking problem…

I have this thing where… I HAVE to drink.

Every time we go somewhere… I HAVE to get something to drink.

On the 3000 mile journey driving here, every time we would stop for gas, I had to get something to drink.

And the rule is, it HAS to be something NEW, that I have never had.

I guess it is just the adventurer in me. Or maybe it was from Brenden Burchard’s High Performance Academy course where he says to have a life that makes you feel “the charge” and truly ALIVE you MUST add elements of the new as often as possible.

Hence, why we move every 6-12 months, try new businessess, take risks, never eat at the same restuarants twice (actually, wont even go to chain resturants like Sizzler, Applebees, McDonald’s etc. If it looks like a dive/hole-in-the-wall… you are more likely to find us there than an Ihop)

SO when I looked in my fridge today I thought it was pretty funny to see all the drinks in there (see pic below). Keep in mind this is only what is in my OFFICE fridge. This does not include the drinks in the main fridge lol.

Safe to say… I have a problem.

So as I take a sip of the drink sitting on my Kure Beack, NC Coaster I wanted to let you know about a new LIVE project I will be starting this week and how you can be a part of it.

This video will explain it all better.

Just know that by being on the list and reading this email, you are hearing this first and such, you get the option to join at HALF the cost.


Tomorrow when this launches on the forum it will be DOUBLE the price!

Only you, for reading my emails, get access to this price. So I ask that you please do not share this link.

Give me your word?

If there is no buy button yet it is because I have not created it yet. 🙂 Keep checking back and hitting refresh after watching the video if you want to join this LIVE case study with me.

Will be spilling some of the same trainings I show in my $1997 RSL course and you get to be a part of this for pennies.

Listen to the video for this to all make sense.

I LOVE a good challenge.

This is going to be fun.

P. James “barkeep… make it a double…hic….. hic…… burp”Holland
Coach Comeback

ps. YES, lifetime members will get access to this for free
pps. here is the LIVE audio of what it sounds like to work in an office next to rockers with no filters  https://soundcloud.com/coachcomeback/why-i-already-hate-my-new   (insert cursing and banging head emoticon)
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