Below is the List of the Updated Modules.


Module 1 – Overview

Module 2 – Know Your Audience

Module 3 – Plan Your Offer

Module 4 – Setup Capture Page

Module 5 – Drive Traffic

Module 6 – Deliver Content

Module 6b Can I prerecord my presentation

Module 7 – Make The Sale

Module 8 – NOW create the product

Module 9 – Scale Up

9a – 5 Ways to get paid for your presentation EVEN if No one shows up

Module 10 – Results

Case Study 1 – Personal Development

Case Study 2 – The One That Worked



  1. Scott Maddox says:

    I love the intro, I am hungry. I can not wait to see what will happen. Following your advice and (one at a time). Sorry in advance for unproper grammer. 🙂

  2. says:

    Coach Good Night its 1:34 Am Friday Morning 8/29/2014
    this link is not working

    I bought this and the 1st OTO
    please help I see the list but none of them work being redirected to sales page over and over. Very frustrated.


    • coachcomeback says:

      Hi Sensei. Sorry you are having trouble. Please make sure you are logged in for the links to work. If that still does not work, please create a ticket and we will get this figure out together

  3. matt says:

    Can i download the video? my internet here most of the times slow and intermittent.
    And i have so wait so long for the video to download and watch.

    • coachcomeback says:

      At this time Matt the videos are not yet downloadable. But they are mobile friendly and also play from any device… if that helps

  4. Kate James says:

    Hi Coach
    I am interested in gaining access to some of your other modules; in particular 3.0 The Perfect Presentation.