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Trevor Emdon


I was in my teens when I realised that most people’s “default setting” is negative. They worry, do jobs they hate, stay in relationships that don’t work, dislike their own bodies, watch the news and then feel helpless to add to their hopelessness, despair and self loathing.

This, I soon realised, is not a recipe for success and happiness!

So I determined to do something about it – for myself first of all, I freely admit.

I studied Zen, Taoism and other Easter philosophies (just from books!), and later became a mental health professional, specialising in psychotherapy, in particular NLP and hypnotherapy. I became a student of Anthony Robbins’ Mastery University, graduating with “Full Honors” in 1999. Back in my native UK I trained to teach the metphysics and the law of attraction with the late Gill Edwards.

When my own life fell apart in my early 30s, I hit upon the idea of combining NLP with the law of attraction – with astounding results.

I have since written numerous self help and coaching programs, as well as several books including “The Book Of Being” and the Amazon Kindle bestseller, “How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Quit Your Day Job” which has been praised by Dr. Joe Vitale (of “The Secret”) as “liberating and inspiring.”

I am now in my 50s. I love my life and my wonderful wife. I drive the car of my dreams, live in a gorgeous part of England and I also have great health and permanent peace of mind. The beautiful part is, anyone can learn to do the same – as visitors to my website will discover.

With James you get the complete package: – results. – fun. – and sense of humor. Awesome guy!


I now have a real, actual BUYERS List – which appeared in a matter of days!


There isn’t much I can say that hasn’t been said in previous posts. Coach is one of the good guys. His intention is to actually help people rather than keep them busy and broke with shiny objects.


I built up a small list list and simply pulled the trigger… resulting in just shy of $8k in sales (real estate investing niche). Not bad for the first go of it, IMO.


This is Facebook marketing at its most efficient. I applied Tony’s teaching and now my Facebook page is giving me great results!

Grace Samuel

Outstanding !! I loved Tony’s way of analyzing the whole Facebook and AdSense. He explaines everything very clearly and simply.

Aakash Saxena

I had the opportunity to get coached by James recently, and it has been an absolute life-changer for me. By the way, I do NOT throw THOSE words around lightly!


This is a gem, something special coming straight from a great FB marketer like Tony! The ideas and the methods are really fabulous and impossible for you to miss! Thumbs up!

Alessandro Zamboni

You will SIMPLY and EASILY learn from A to Z how to master Facebook! I rarely say this, but believe me, you will love it!


His support is top notch, and Coach is willing to go above and beyond to help you succeed. Trust me, this stuff is great, coach is great, and it’ll all work out!


I thought I’d got all the gems on Facebook marketing already. Boy, was I wrong! Tony knows his stuff and he walks his talk. Brilliant information, brilliantly taught.


James is the real deal, we have connected and he has helped me with my business and even with life really, his caring heart is unmeasurable. He has given step by step instruction on how to obtain large amount of cash in a short period of time, and he is there to assist you along your journey. There are very few people online that I can personally speak about in a positive manner. This guy is in rare air.


All the great and best information provided in one place. It’s a bunch of good knowledge and great author support.

Farhaan QQ

I remember talking to Tony about this one a few months back, and I was ready to pay a few hundred for it. This is SUPER VALUABLE stuff. You’ll dominate Facebook with this.


I’ve gotten crazy value out of our Skype call and I got some advice that will literally double my income instantly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie, intermediate marketer, or advanced marketer, Coach Comeback will give you advice that will help you get your business up and running or take it to the next level.


Tony has overdelivered when it comes to teaching something unique and straight to the point cutting out the BS for us. So many strategies he reveals were unheard to me and comes to show that there are honest marketers who give value.


Just last week I made $1,700 in a single afternoon from a Google Hangout by simply applying what James taught me.


I was able to achieve 1 cent clicks with Tony’s help. And best of all Tony answered all of my questions going beyond what I had experienced. Excellent course and support.

Dan Maynard

I don’t have words to give you. I just enrolled in Tony’s course and I realized how easy to earn with Facebook is and how to earn with fan-pages in easy steps. I just loved it men. You are the greatest teacher in my life.

Adeel Afzal

Talking with James is amazing. His outpouring of value is just mindblowing… this is very rare these days. James, I hope there will be more people like you in the future.


I like working with James, because he knows his stuff. I haven’t seen anyone asking him a question he didn’t know the answer to.


I’ve never seen someone step in front of their product to help others succeed the way that James does. Even when you aren’t trying to teach me something, I seem to be learning something new.


Some seriously effective methods that I’ve never heard of before, let alone seen put to action.

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