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  1. Byron says:

    Ready to start!

  2. Byron Boyd says:

    Bonus module doesn’t work can you send me a “live” link.

    • coachcomeback says:

      That is strange. I just checked and it seems to play fine. What is it doing for you? You can also access it by hovering over the bonus tab in the top navigation and selecting it from the drop down list

  3. Byron Boyd says:

    Talk about strange. I just checked it again and do as you have suggested by hovering over the bonus tab and…..wait for it…
    same thing goes on. To make it more strange I clicked on module 1
    and you guessed it.
    Asked the librarian said it must be something on the other end.

    I’ve logged off. Used another puter and same result.

  4. Imad Bouidri says:

    This is amazing, thank you!

    Went through both videos (the welcome and bonus) and I’m truly amazed of what I heard, not because this information was new to me, but because I’m currently studying psycho-cybernetics!

    I went through the audios once, and because the program was so amazing, I’m currently reading the actual book as I do the exercises, 30 minutes of self-image improving exercises for at least 21 days to see any measurable changes, and I was planning to re-listen to the audios one more time, but this time I’ll follow Dan’s advice, and listen to each chapter 21 times in a row to help it stick in my mind.

    I’ve always been interested in self-help myself, because I always wondered why I was still struggling, up until today, even though I was considered to be smart by everyone who knew me, and considered to have great potential .. But then, I’d attribute it to the fact that I was in a new country and the environment is different, and I got pulled into different directions ..

    But see, those were only excuses that my worst enemy, me, came up with, to stop ,e from taking action, because even at times when I took action, I didn’t get the results I wanted, and that was a negative feedback (even though that’s the only way for us to really learn, by course-correcting, like a torpedo), and hurt my self esteem and caused to eventually stay paralyzed and not take any action ..

    Plus I never had any mentor or teacher or someone to hold my hand through that first success ..

    That’s why I know that this is my time, this is the culmination of everything I went through, to finally be in a position, have an opportunity to free myself up and change my life forever, and having you by my side at the stage is something, I’ll forever be grateful for ..

    Now on to the 1st lesson .. And now I’m thinking that I should shoot for $5000 instead of $3000, makes it more exciting, plus it rhymes better as in 5k in 5Days, lol ..

  5. Logan Wenger says:

    Hey Coach Comeback,

    Thanks for the excellent intro video! Looking forward to diving in and not holding back.

    Also, the quote “If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.” is by Tony Gaskins.

    It’s an excellent quote that I have put next to my computer.

  6. Alicia Thibadeau says:

    Sounds good, you are really easy and fun to listen to! I enjoyed the welcome video.

  7. Larry Farousch says:

    Start building your dreams, or someone else will hire you to help build theirs. Wow – EXACTLY. I’ve spent too much time being hired to help build others dreams.. ready for my own now!!

  8. Kenny Damian says:


    I am trying to edit my profile. it say I do not have sufficient permission to access these page. I was thinking of adding a photo into my profile.

    • coachcomeback says:

      hmmm that is strange. It should work. While logged in there should be an icon in the upper right. When you mouse over it you should get a dropdown box with the options to update your profile. If not, go to and add the profile pic to this email you are using now and it will automatically show up from now on whenever you use it on any site.

  9. Kenny Damian says:

    Hi Comeback Coach

    There is an icon on the upper right, when i click the drop down menu to edit the profile, is say in sufficient permission granted.

    Anyway, have added the Gravatar into my email.


    • coachcomeback says:

      Great to see you Kenny. I will see if I can figure out how to change that. Not even sure where I would even change a setting to allow you to access your own settings. I would welcome any suggestions if anyone else has ever come across this. Otherwise I will research until I find the answer. Thanks Kenny

  10. Kenny Damian says:

    No problem. Looking forward in going through your Modules.

  11. Luke says:

    “Focus on delivering value”… sage advice, Coach!

    Reminds me of the timeless quote, “Service to many leads to greatness”.

  12. Loyd Walker says:

    Hey Coach, looking forward to getting started on all of this!

  13. Chris says:

    I am in! build my dreams… build my dreams… build my dreams… hire others later to scale my dreams… hire others later to scale my dreams… hire others later to scale my dreams…

    Looking forward to work closely with “The Coach” and awesome like-minded individuals in this group!

    Now to devour all valuable information starting with Dan’s video…

  14. danedral says:

    Hello Coach and everyone here 😀
    Glad to be here… nice introduction video… glad to meet some who is thinking lot a like like me 😀

    Smileing all the time is something that I do too all the time and always looking positive 🙂

    Looking forward to this adventure that you set up for us… 🙂

    Wish everyone sucess 😀

    Best Regards,


  15. Diane Adkins says:

    How adorable are you two!! 🙂 I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to your course. I’m also in the self-help, personal development niche and frustrated with methods on how to get people to know about my products. A giant Woo-hooo!! on learning about the mind warrior forum in your welcome video…heading over there now to join – and then back for the Bonus video.

    • coachcomeback says:

      THANK YOU DIANE smile Looking forward to hearing your success here and seeing some of your own awesome shares over at mind warrior forum! Great to have you here.

  16. sylvie says:

    Impossible to access Skype group with your application. Can you give us the skype infos directly please? I’m on Windows 8 and it’s a real nightmare to connect Skype group with it. I’m on Skype right now and the account your application try to open is not my Skype account but my email address. It’s not working for me. Where is your customer support page please?

    • coachcomeback says:

      Hi Sylvie. Sorry you are having trouble getting into the skype group. That page is not an application. It is the direct link to the group.

      At this time, there are only 2 ways to get into a skype group – Another member has to add you manually, or you have to have the direct link, which is what is on that page. There is no search function for skype yet. There is no information I could give you that would allow you to find the group and join on your own. It is either click that link, or you can add me and I will personally add you to the group. My name IS in fact searchable and you will see my same picture come up. In order to join either via me or the link, you have to already have skype running and be logged into the account you want to join with. All that link will do is request to join the group with whatever account you are currently logged in with. For support, email: thisstuffreallyworks1.0 (at) Hope that helps

  17. says:

    woot woot. finished the first video. go me!

  18. Chrishonda Brown says:

    Oh man! I’m so excited I can’t even write anything!!!! Dan is speaking now…shhhhhh!

  19. Harlan says:

    First off you have a great voice. I hope I can do that well later. I am a guy but for some reason, my voice on a microphone sounds like a girl… HA.

    So I hope I can do this via email or skyping people after work.

    So in the words of a famous philosopher…where we are going….we don’t need roads…

  20. matt says:

    Hey Coach,

    I just joined this membership site after I received an email from you yesterday telling me about your student who received WSO of the Day with Cash Cow Ugly Sites. You mentioned yesterday that that course is included with this membership, however I don’t see it listed. Could you please point me in the right direction? Looking forward to digging into your material. Thanks.


    • coachcomeback says:

      Hi Matt. Welcome. Yes, my students course was so graciously offered up by Wayne to the lifetime members and private clients. If you are either it should automatically be accessible. If there is trouble just shoot me an e-mail and we will get it figured out

  21. russ says:

    Just coming aboard. Hoping for a great ride!

  22. Jeff McIlhenny says:

    Alright, glad to finally be inside! Love some Dan Kennedy, good stuff.
    Is that a Carolina shirt you wearing in that photo? I’m originally from Greensboro, GO HEELS!

    Hey Coach, by my emails you probably noticed I am a licensed Realtor and Broker, so I think that will make this easier for me. Hopefully I can be a help to others on this site with questions….of course, I do not know laws to the letter here in SC and RE laws vary from state to state..and I am not a lawyer, etc. But if I can help I will try..don’t want to step on your toes since you have been licensed, but will help if I can.

    Anyway, glad to be here!!

    • coachcomeback says:

      That is a good eye! That IS in fact my TarHeels shirt in the pic. This is actually the welcome video for 1.0 Jeff. What you want is here That is awesome that you are a realtor. I was actually considering investing here locally… I just didn’t see a TON of investor activity here in Wilmington where we are… Well, nothing like Sacramento anyway. Will definitely LOVE to hear your expertise.. and hopefully you are not offended. I make quite a few statements about “typical realtors” hahaha speaking from having been one myself. Fair warning =-) Welcome

  23. Jeff McIlhenny says:

    Hey, no offense taken at all! I think everyone here should be wary of agents… a good agent can be a great ally. However, there are plenty of bad agents out there, and too many are so eager for business they will say yes to anyone. As in, “are you good at working with investors?” Of course whether they are or not they will say yes for the potential business.

    I have always prided and marketed myself as not being the typical agent, so if I can help I am happy to offer my knowledge.

    By the way, if you (or anyone here) ever needs real estate help in the Charleston SC area I am happy to help lol (had to do that, sorry 🙂

    Thanks again!

    • coachcomeback says:

      hahaha No worries at all. I may PERSONALLY take you up on that offer if we decide to invest locally. Just not seeing the numbers here in Wilmington.. although there are pockets. Who knows.. =-)

  24. webroi says:

    Hello Coach and the gang… Just joined this motivated group and excited to get started!

    I will go off to the Dan Kennedy video now.
    RE is the age old vehicle to make money… actually in our saying there are 3 things
    human need – Food, Cloth and House (Roti, Kapra and Makan) to survive…people made fortune in trading these for centuries.
    Lets get some RE cash w/o investing our own money… you promised to show us that path, right Coach?


  25. says:

    Hey Coach! I purchased a membership last night and I’m ready to start. Listening to the first video right now and I 100% agree about the self-improvement aspect. I went back to school in March purely to better myself and my potential value to others. I already plan to finish out this degree and start another with the ultimate goal of a Master’s, if for no other reason than to have something tangible I can always show to me and my niece that says, “No one can take your education away from you” and “You owe it to yourself to take care of yourself.”

    I’ve got a lot of people to take care of and one of them is me. I’m done working for The Man. Already making a little bit of money and ready to give this a real shot. I agree with the person who said they were going to shoot for $5k in 5 Days. That’s my goal too! And if I miss it, well, that’s the next goal. We’ll keep shooting til it’s in the net!

  26. sagafakir says:

    Hello coach,
    Just went through your “welcome” video. The highlight was your quote at the end. If only I had heard that quote when I left my studies and started to work as construction labour In foreign land to support my big family 19 years back.Truly,may be because of my family necessity to survive or my sheer ignorance, as your word, hongkong hired me as construction worker and sure build it’s dream of becoming the heart of Asia. OK I am not saying I build hongkong. But yeah for 19 years,I have given my blood,sweat n my youth in project like the new airport, tsing ma Ma wan bridge,cross harbour tunnels,ifc,icc,science park,cyberport,to name a few. Coach, you may be wondering,why I am telling you my boring biography. The reason is I want you to have a clear picture of what you are going to face by taking me as your student. One thing for sure,if the course was about extreme physical work,I can say I would have passed in distinction. But I am not so techie types n yes there is big layer of fat covering my brains. I hope coach you will be patient with me n guide me. Thank you very much. Damn,I am tired. I will watch 2nd video tomorrow. I am gonna slow, bear with me

    • coachcomeback says:

      hey buddy. Welcome. And thank you for the bit of background! Everyone goes at their own pace. This is not a race. Learn each skill as you go along and you WILL get there my friend. Having a construction background myself.. I can only imagine the type of days you have been putting in on that project! I commend you. Not many can do what you do!

  27. says:

    Hey Coach – glad to be here great intor.

    In the vid you mention link below to Knockout Profit System mentioned but I don’t see it here? Is that still around?

  28. Junior David says:

    I’m glad to be onboard.
    I know how crucial it is to have a perfect mindset, so there is no way I would skip the related materials. In fact, I’m already on a “self-development” regimen, so this will just be part of my “daily meal”. I finished listening to the welcome video, time to get started… with the Dan Kennedy bonus video of course.

  29. says:

    I’ve just watched the welcome video, and I can feel that you’re sincere in wanting to help others.

    OK, it’s time to get started !

  30. mike mike says:

    im new to this niche, lets see if you can help me make lots of money.

  31. Ken Thiesse says:

    WOW… found you coach on the WF and for $5 it was a no brainer to get in. I love your style!!! I just purchased 8.0… then I though to myself for crying out loud just get the lifetime access, so I did! I must say I’m on overload right now. I just jumped in with a leap of faith that maybe, just maybe, you’ll be the one to show/teach me to make money online and be successful.

    • coachcomeback says:

      WOW!!! What an honor! What an amazing thing to say! Add me on skype. Lets talk my friend! I am totally going to use this comment. I hope you don’t mind. This made my day 🙂

  32. Ken Thiesse says:

    I’d love to speak with you coach. I’m on skype now, This Stuff Really Works Mastermind. Is there another skype id to contact you at?

  33. Kate James says:

    Ready to go!! 🙂

  34. says:

    Hi, I’m Rod from South Africa and I’ve been trying to make money in IM for about 2 years with limited success. $100 here and then nothing for months, then $75 and so on besides working on it full time. Shiny object syndrome getting in the way waiting for something to work consistently. Anyway, I’m going to stick with just this course and not buying another “shiny object” and I believe this time I’m going to make it.

    • coachcomeback says:

      That is awesome ROD! Yeah we ALL fall victim to SOS every now and then. The cure? Make a habit of taking immediate and massive action. Then it is no longer just a shiny object! It is life altering! Hopefully you will see what I mean with this course 🙂

  35. ladyzee says:

    i have to agree with diane. you two are pretty gosh darn cute. i look forward to getting started asap over the weekend. thank you so much for sharing!

  36. says:

    Hey there! I’m pretty new to internet marketing. I’ve tried everything from Amazon, Ebay, Twitter, Facebook, CPA, niche sites, authority sites, blogging, Squidoo and Hubpages, Fiverr, dozens of WSOs….. and I swear I’m not one of those people who buy a WSO and ditch it after a few mins and ask for a refund. I try to implement the things inside. And that’s what I intend to do here. I’m kind of desperate for money and limited in offline ways I can obtain any (which wouldn’t be enough) so I’ve gone to internet marketing.

    I’m a little confused about what you’re going to be offering and how to navigate the site. I promise not to “skip around”. I really want this to work.

    Thanks man.

    • coachcomeback says:

      You are in the right place. A lil focus an patience is all it takes and you will be receiving the results (and more) like so many of the others before you. To find your modules you find your product in the menu above and click it. There you will find a list of all of the trainings included. Hope that helps and good luck

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